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Car TuningOBD 2007 deal with any Elm327 nicked scan device or any sort of check tool powered by a chip that totally replicates all the AT commands of the Elm327 chip. There are many producers of Elm327 broke scan devices, so theoretically we sustain any sort of scan tool powered by an Elm327 chip. Yes, Chip Tuning TOAD Software application can tune any sort of car brand/year/model.

Nonetheless, we directly assist the check tools you view on our main page, since these companies have shown to both reliable as well as supportive. We are confident in advising any one of these scan tools because we have actually noted the high quality of the products and also could vouch that these check tools are all made to the greatest criteria. We have also extensively examined each of these products with OBD 2007.

We have developed a table of attributes comparing each of the scan tools we straight support. If you are new to OBDII check tools or even a seasoned customer considering an added check tool, we really hope the following table will certainly highlight the various functions of each check tool to assist in your choice making.

The first two functions are mostly focuseded on the broadband CANISTER method, the method used by all brand-new motor vehicles produced given that 2008. When the CONTAINER protocol wased initially introduced in automobiles during 2004/05, numerous Elm327 nicked scan tools struggled with BUFFER FULL messages, as a result of the high speed CANISTER networks of the motor vehicle over running the small internal buffer of the Elm327 chip. This is referred to as ChipTuning. Essentially all you’re doing is customizing cars behavior to just how you desire it to run or operate.

The OBD Pro check device, conquered this limit with its special dual buffer design, to ensure that BUFFER FULL messages were gotten rid of even at low speed baud rates. However the fact is– Chip Tuning is simply recommended if you have previous chip tuning experience or time to discover it.

Nevertheless, why use slow-moving baud prices (9600 as well as 38,400 baud), when a USB port is capable of rates of approximately 2.0 Mbits. The OBDPro scan tool together with OBD 2007 can make use of the extremely broadband baud rates of the OBDPro scan tool approximately 4 times faster compared to the existing Elm327 v1.3 chip. If you are seeking high speed performance, then the combo of OBDPro as well as OBD 2007 is the evident selection.

This function of OBDPro is really one-of-a-kind. OBDPro is the only Elm327 type check device, which is remotely upgradable. Your check device financial investment is shielded, due to the fact that when any type of new firmware release is presented, you have the capability to upgrade your check device, by running a cost-free upgrade program from OBDPros, while your OBDPro check device is connected to your computer system.

Within a few secs, your firmware is upgraded to the most recent version, so your scan device is constantly current. If you would like to discover ECU programming, there are hundreds of tutorials online that’ll teach you merely by Googling: ECU ChipTuning (or) ECU shows.

To do the same thing with other Elm327 chipped check device necessaries purchasing a brand-new chip, waiting days or weeks for shipping, dismantling/assembling your check device, removing the old chip and also changing with the brand-new chip. Taking out as well as replacing the 28 pin Elm327 chip is not for the faint hearted. Simply don’t damage or flex one of those 28 pins.

TOAD Car Tuning software will also aim you to some exceptional programs resources online, to obtain you started, or enhance your existing skills. OBDKey v1.3 is an all new design from KBM Equipments. It is an extremely small layout (64x45x24mm) concerning the size of a matchbox as well as is available in either USB or Bluetooth setups. OBDKey maybe little, yet it is huge on performance. It is effortlessly the fastest check device we have ever tested.

Right here’s a Summary of How you can Car Tuning for a car:


Plug tuner set wire into car. Tons it’s software program. Switch on car ignition. Press “Download Information” inside software program. You now have your cars information on your computer as a documents.


Open up TOAD ECU editor software application. As well as open the documents you downloaded and install from vehicle in Step 1 above.


Make changes to the data.

Instance: Discover and change numbers that represent: torque, BHP, Revoltions Per Minute to aim change ratio, and so on.

STEP 4: Save the data.


Go back to tuner kit software, open the data, and press “Upload to Car”.

By doing a successful tune– you have actually merely saved yourself thousands of bucks on doing custom-made tune at a car shop. Consisting of saving money on future extra gas prices as well as unneeded brake-down repairs.

OBDKey v1.3 Bluetooth joined a Smartphone running our OBD 2007 for Pocket COMPUTER is an ideal combo for any type of workshop supervisor who could be called for to examine multiple automobiles quickly to figure out workshop top priorities.

Slide it out of your pocket, connect it straight into the OBDII port and also finish a test in seconds, absolutely no cords used. Here’s additional High-End Professional Chip Tuning Kits for committed Car Tuning Shops The Elm327 chip has actually advanced from the earlier Elm32x collection of chips. As a software application developer, I consistently assume that possibly the Elm chip has gotten to the end of its useful life, yet the creative designers at Elm Electronics always continuously impress me with the developments they keep making to this chip. The v1.3 was no exemption with the enhancements they produced the CAN method. For the full description of all the details, see our Latest News web page.

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Get obd fault codes through ChipTuning

The Check Engine Light (which is actually the Malfunction Indicator Lamp or MIL) alerts you when an emissions-related problem occurs with the engine control system or emission controls on your vehicle. Depending on the nature of the problem, the Check Engine Light may come on and remain on continuously or flash.

Some intermittent problems will make the Check Engine Light come on only while the fault is occurring (such as engine misfire). The Check Engine light usually remains on once a fault has been detected, and will remain on to remind you that a problem has occurred that needs to be investigated.

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Our aid is based on collective 60+ years of experience handling every conceivable car scenario. From Chip Tuning ECU efficiency, OBD2 diagnostics, mending cars complicated electric systems, performing car solution as well as technician work.


Assist auto mechanics, professionals and solution facilities to make a great deal more money in their business by supplying world-class Chip Tuning and diagnostic devices that’ll get the job done quicker and also easier.

An illuminated Check Engine Light can be annoying because you don’t know what’s wrong, and whether or not the problem might be a serious one or just a minor fault. There is no way to know what the problem is until you plug a scan tool into the vehicle’s diagnostic connector and read out the code(s) that turned the light on.

If no other warning lights are on, and the engine seems to be running normally (no unusual noises, smells, vibrations, etc.), you can assume the fault that is causing the Check Engine Light to come on is probably minor and won’t hinder your ability to continue driving. But if other warning lights are on, you should probably stop and investigate the problem.

When the Check Engine Light comes on, a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is recorded in the powertrain control module (PCM) memory that corresponds to the fault. Some problems can generate more than one trouble code, and some vehicles may have multiple problems that set multiple trouble codes.


In most older vehicles (those made before 1996), disconnecting the computer’s power source or disconnecting a battery cable erases fault codes and turns off the Check Engine Light, at least temporarily. If the problem persists, the code will reset and the Check Engine Light will come back on. But on many newer vehicles, you do NOT want to disconnect the battery because doing so can wipe out the computer’s memory settings. This may affect the operation of the transmission, climate control system and other functions.

We allow car fanatics to obtain even more efficiency (torque, BHP) from their motor vehicle by ChipTuning the ECU chip (‘mind’ of the car that informs it how you can run) through our software program.

You can also make optimized efficiency adjustments by editing, ChipTuning as well as reprogramming vehicles ECU chip data

In 1996 and newer vehicles, a scan tool or code reader must be used to erase codes and turn the Check Engine Light off.

If your Check Engine light is on, you need to read the code(s) that are causing it to come on with a code reader or scan tool. Plug the tool into the 16-pin OBD diagnostic connector (usually located under the dash near the steering column).

Chip TuningWhen the ignition is turned on (don’t start the engine yet), the tool will communicate with the PCM. You may be asked to enter the year/make/model and VIN code of your vehicle if the scan tool does not automatically recognize the application. Choose the READ FAULT CODE option on the scan tool menu, or press the button that allows the tool to read the codes.

The tool will then display a number and/or code description that corresponds to a particular fault code. The letter “P” is the designation for Powertrain codes (which includes all of the engine controls, related emission controls, catalytic converter and fuel tank vapor control system). If there are more than one code, the codes will be listed in numeric order.

TOAD is suitable for house car proprietors that would like to save hundreds of dollars by doing it themselves. Or for professional car mechanics/service stores that need the most recent sophisticated detection, analysis and ECU Car Tuning software application.

TOAD is collection of car diagnostics and Car Tuning software application on 1x jam loaded DVD disc.

TIP: Write the code(s) down on a piece of paper before you erase them. You may need to refer to the codes again later if the same problem keeps returning. Erasing the codes will turn the Check Engine Light off, but sooner or later the codes will likely return and turn the Check Engine Light back on again if the problem is still there.


A misfire will cause the Check Engine Light to flash while the misfire is occurring. A misfire that occurs in a given cylinder will also set a P030X code where “X” will be the number of the cylinder that is misfiring. For example, a P0302 code would tell you cylinder number two is misfiring.

Remember, the code does not tell you why the cylinder is misfiring. You have to figure that out by performing other diagnostic tests. The misfire might be due to a fouled spark plug, a bad plug wire, a defective ignition coil in a DIS ignition system, a clogged or dead fuel injector or a loss of compression due to a leaky exhaust valve, leaky head gasket or worn cam lobe.

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